How to generate extra energy through conscious healthy habits

Many people are so focused on their careers they don’t even stop to consider the impact stress has on their health. Most of us take our health for granted until we start to develop health problems. By consciously following healthy habits we can stop neglecting our health.


Did you know you can generate extra energy through conscious healthy habits? Well, it’s true. Not only can it benefit your health but also the quality of your life!


Meet Claudine Francois. She’s a certified health & wellness coach.


Claudine spent 20 years in corporate accounting which took a huge toll on her health and quality of life. She realized she had to make some lifestyle changes, and studied nutrition.


By doing this she managed to turn her life around and decided to help other women do the same.


I’m really excited Claudine agreed to share her amazing story with us on The Alkimia Success Show!


Some of the main topics we discussed during the interview include the following:


3:50 – Why many women don’t get the results they want from following diet plans.

Claudine explains that the science behind many popular diets are primarily based on men’s bodies.

In addition, chronic stress makes our body shut down.

This makes it very difficult for many women to lose weight.


6:35 – How to be consistent.

She says telling someone what to do, thinking they’ll make the necessary changes, doesn’t actually work. She discovered it’s necessary to help her clients create their own plan. When a client creates her own plan, she’s much more likely to see it through.


7:10 – Why go through a health coaching program?

We all need someone that’s there to encourage and support us. If you try to do it on your own you don’t have the same measure of accountability. This makes it much harder to stay on track.


7:53 – What Claudine teaches.

Claudine believes we need to set up our body for success. We need to create an atmosphere where our body can thrive, and get rid of barriers that prevent us from losing weight.

There are 4 stages in a 28-day cycle. During the first two stages we have the most energy and should focus outwards. During the last two stages, ending with the menstrual stage, our focus should be more inwards doing things like Yoga and Pilates.

Claudine says many women make the mistake of pushing themselves too hard physically throughout their cycle.


13:50 – The top weight loss myths.

Claudine explains one of the top myths is we should be doing the same workout all the time. Another myth that often makes us feel guilty is that when we don’t exercise, it means we’re lazy. We need to give ourselves time off!

It was great talking to Claudine. She’s a source of inspiration and I hope to get her back on the show in the near future!

For more information on her Secrets to Sustainable Weight Loss program, or her Scrumptious Snacks recipe book mentioned in the interview, visit her website

Her website is the best way to reach out to her but you can also follow her on Facebook and Instagram @ingoodcleantaste.

To discover how you can generate extra energy through conscious healthy habits, listen to the full interview now on The Alkimia Success Show.

Let me know in the comments what you enjoyed the most about the interview.


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